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1. AAR-3 InfoTech (company) is a Unit of AAR-3 Group of Companies.

2. All the Associates should understand the business of the Company before joining the Plan, filling up and signing this agreement.

3. No Asscoiate is allowed to use company's network for marketing/promoting any other product or plan which is not related to company.

4. All the payment for joining the Company as new Business Associate shall be made by Demand Draft in favour of AAR-3 InfoTech only & the cash payments shall be made at office of the Company.

5. The Associate shall deposit all collections made on behalf of AAR-3 InfoTech from the joining of the new Associate only at the office of AAR-3 InfoTech or at the authorised distribution center of the company. The Company shall not be responsible/liable for any liability for the payments/remittances made/deposited other than office of AAR-3 InfoTech or the authorised distribution center of the Company.

6. The slabs of Commission & Processing Fees can be revised in the interest of our Business Associates & Company without prior notification.

7. The Company reserves the right to make any changes amendments or alternation in design, nature, content, description, range, scheme and formulation of the product and services provided by the Company including any changes in the marketing strategy, compensation plan, policies and procedure from time to time as the company may needed fit and necessary to do so.

8. This Income Plan is based on 49 Downline. So be sure that you & all your downline associates must make 4 new Business Associates to get full benefit of this Plan. The Company takes no responsibility of success or failure of people. This is just an initiative to provide an alternate source of income to people.

9. The Associates are entitled to get commissions/benefits only after providing direct referrals for new Business Associates of the Company.

10. All the commissions/benefits are payable by Account Payee Cheque/On-line Transfer on Monthly Basis. Payment less than Rs. 500/- is accumulated. TDS @10.30% (TDS will be deducted as per I.T. Guidelines)

11. To claim Rewards (Gift, Foreign Trip & Life Time Achievement), you have to complete first level i.e. make 4 direct Business Associates in your downline.

12. Monthly statement will be mailed on request on chargeable basic, which includes the Actual cost of communication and delivery of the statement

13. The management is having sole discretion to organise the Training Session/ Presentation/ Seminars/ Educational Programs and the same will be Informed by mail to all the Associates accordingly.

14. If any Associate or staff member wants to promote/market the products of the Company in any other means except this promotional plan, which helps the company to increase its sales, then a prior written permission is required from the Company.

15. All the payments will be subject to all applicable taxes and levies, if any.
Any payments is not refundable under any circumstances for the purchase of product from AAR-3 Group of Companies.

16. The company is not liable for any claim, cost, damage due to the misrepresenting of Associate about the quality, performance or availability of the company's products and services.

17. All the above terms and conditions are applicable for everybody including nominee.

18. This agreement shall be governed, construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of India, without regard to conflicts of laws, The Parties agree to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the civil courts of Delhi for the resolution of all disputes arising under this Agreement.


1. If found any statement or information made in the application to be false.

2. If an Associate acts against the interest of the company.

3. If an Associate use the company premises/venues to represent any other company or for its personal use.

4. If an Associate violates any terms and conditions agreed here to or violated any subsequent changes if made to the terms and conditions by the company.

5. The right of terminated Associate to receive benefit from the company ceases immediately from the date of termination.





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